One of the things we all love about being part of the Ruffwear pack is meeting people and dogs enjoying grand adventures. We recently caught up with our friends Mallory and Baylor and they shared their stories from the road – read on to learn more about an adventurous woman, a cool dog and an […]


As lovers of open spaces and wild places, the pack at Ruffwear is a strong supporter of efforts to preserve and protect wild, undeveloped areas. We and our dogs cherish our ability to escape the daily grind and revel in untrampled wilderness, free from cars, computers, and the confines of a fenced yard. Yesterday we […]


Joring is a loosely used term that generally describes a human being pulled by something, a dog, a horse or sometimes a motorized vehicle.  In our world, joring defines dog-pulling activities and the result is always a fun time had by all. Many dogs love to pull and giving our canine friends an outlet for […]


Ruffwear has been a proud sponsor and supporter of a majority of the avalanche rescue dog teams across the US and Canada for many years. Over the years, we have sent these working dogs Ruffwear gear, let them put the equivalent of multiple years of use and abuse on the products in a single season, […]

For anyone who has shared a tent with their dog on a cool, crisp night, we have a feeling you have probably shared your sleeping bag as well. Ruffwear has long offered dog beds perfect for camping and backpacking. Now, we are excited to introduce a complete sleeping system, including your dog’s very own sleeping […]


Hey – this is Susan and I’ve been a part of the Ruffwear Pack since 2008. My black lab, Artie joins me on the trails and rivers around Bend, Oregon, living the dream. As this season’s new products focus fairly heavily on core winter gear, I thought I would tell you about my transformation from […]


Who’s ready for some new canine adventure gear? Ruffwear is set to launch our Fall/Winter 2015 line of products – available July 31st! For this product launch, we reinforce our dedication to premium core winter and camping products so you and your canine companions can extend your winter adventures comfortably and safely. Today we give […]


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