Since June is National Trail Month and many of us are turning our attention from winter sports to camping, we asked one of our friends for some advice. Ruffwear Ambassador and president of the American Long Distance Hiking Association – West,  Whitney LaRuffa (who also goes by the trail name of “Allgood”) was happy to […]


Ruffwear is hitting the road for a series of events in the northeast this June. Join Thomas and Kyle at one or more of the following events to demo some gear, head out for a hike or try stand up paddling with your dog. June 14th – Saratoga, NY Location: Dawgdom – 11-3PM Event: Gear […]


Bivy (biv·ou·ac /ˈbivo͞oˌak,ˈbivwak/) – a temporary camp without tents or cover, used especially by soldiers or mountaineers. When thinking about our Bivy series of collapsible bowls, you may ask yourself, what does the word bivy have to do with a dog bowl? Well… there are two types of bivouacs – planned and unplanned bivys. When […]


“Mountain biking with Sophie…. are you CRAZY?” Well, I guess I am.  Over the years, Ruffwear has produced spectacular imagery of people mountain biking with their dogs. Typically the dogs in these images are ripped German Shorthair Pointers, Weimaraners… real athletes. These are the types of dogs seen on the trails around Bend. But there […]


Ruffwear ambassadors Maria, Riley and Kona are preparing for a busy summer of teaching SUP With Your PUP courses – starting the season off this weekend, Maria will be joining us at the Dominion Riverrock outdoor sports and music festival in Richmond, VA! If you are anywhere near Richmond, be sure to bring your dog […]


Every adventure requires fuel. For many of us that means eating a proper meal before heading out and ensuring we have enough food, bars or gels in our pack to sustain us throughout the adventure. This is no different for our dogs. In order to make the experience more enjoyable, proper nutrition and hydration are […]


We know the main reason most visit our blog is to see cool pictures of dogs. While most of our posts will satisfy that need, this one is not really about dogs. It is not even about dog gear. It is one of those behind-the-scenes stories that highlights other things we get excited about and […]


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