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Why Would Dogs Need Boots, And Other Dog Boot Questions Answered

Why would dogs ever need to wear protective booties? Humans are increasing the rate in which they incorporate pets into their activities. There was a time when pets would simply wait at home for us to return from our adventures. Thanks to dog-specific gear that allows dogs to keep up with our own gear-enhanced activities, […]

FireTower 484

Whitney “ALLGOOD” LaRuffa & Karluk – Winter Wanderings

With the spat of spring like weather in Februrary and the schizophrenic weather of March and April here in the cascades, Karluk and I have been varying our activities and making the most of what mother nature has dished out. We have been enjoying the snow, visited the gorge, and started our weekday hiking workouts […]


Tales From Svalbard

When we received this letter from Nicole and Roger telling their tale of adventure inspired by a spontaneous decision to trek in the backcountry of Svalbard with their dog Zorro, the first thing we had to do is look up where Svalbard is! It happens to be an archipelago in the Arctic sea about halfway […]

Gear Tips and Tricks: The Polar Trex™ Dog Boot

This week’s gear highlight is the Polar Trex Boots. The Polar Trex are our fully featured winter dog boots designed specifically for cold weather adventures like skiing, snowshoeing and other winter activities. We worked directly with our sole manufacturing partner Vibram® to develop an ice-specific sole for superb winter traction. These boots rise higher on […]

How Do You Know When Your Dog is Cold?

This morning we woke up to single digit temperatures in Central Oregon. For those of us with dogs in our lives, winter means the enjoyment of cold weather adventures. When the temperatures really start to drop, winter also brings on many questions. Questions like, “How do I know when my dog is cold? At what […]

Mt. Bachelor Avalanche Rescue Dogs

Last week we got the chance to head up the road to Mt. Bachelor and spend a day with the Mt. Bachelor Avalanche Rescue Dogs. This season is going to be a busy one for these Ruffwear Ambassadors as they have one dog that is retiring and two new puppies to train! The team will […]

Kaya the Ski Dog

-By Lindsey Clark There are certain qualities I look for in a ski buddy: stoke, availability, and pockets full of awesome snacks. Kaya delivers on all three, and more! Kaya’s ample fluff was our first indication that she would make a great ski dog. We’ve had lots of speculation about her heritage — Chow/Samoyed/Golden? Miniature […]


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