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What Dog Coat Is Best For My Dog?

With five different dog coats to choose from, we wanted to make it easy for you to decide what coat is right for your dog, and the weather conditions you will be in. Just like the coats in our closet, Ruffwear makes different dog coats for various weather conditions and activities. Here’s a quick breakdown […]


How Much Do Dogs Sleep? Improve The Experience With The Urban Sprawl Dog Bed

While out on the trail, dogs have an incredible ability to keep pushing on, no matter what. Then, when you get home, they grab their favorite toy and drop it at your feet, as if to say, “is that all you got?” But once back inside, dogs also have an incredible ability to sleep… a […]


Ultimate Water Protection – The K-9 Float Coat™ Difference

One of the best things about being a part of the Ruffwear online pack is seeing the photos that you share with us. We are inspired daily by the photos that our customers share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A common theme lately, and rightly so, has been dogs playing in the water in their […]

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Low Light Safety For Your Dog – Stay Safe, Stay Seen With The Updated Ruffwear Track Jacket™

It seems like someone just flipped the season switch. One week it was in the mid-eighties and dry as a bone, the next week we woke up to brisk mid-thirty degree temperatures and views of snow blanketing the mountains. It’s not only the temperatures that have changed drastically. Each day, the sun seems to be […]


Redesigned for 2013 – The Mt. Bachelor Pad™ Portable Dog Bed

“Never lose the ability to sleep anywhere.” I remember a close friend and mountain guide say those words as we crawled into our sleeping bags under the stars on a clear frigid winter night. We were lying on the paved parking lot outside our car at the base of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia on […]


What makes the Huckama™ dog toy irresistible, Strong and Durable?

The first question we get when talking with people about our dog toys is, “how durable is it?” The next comment is usually, “my dog tears through most toys in 30 seconds.” With our new Huckama™ interactive toy, our response is simply “give it a shot.” At first glance, the Huckama is a colorful, uniquely […]


New Products Explored – The Summit Trex™ Dog Boot

Minimalism is the new performance standard. Finding inspiration in the latest technologies in the footwear industry and combining that with 15 years of experience in canine boot design, Ruffwear’s product development team is proud to introduce the all-new Summit Trex dog boot. This boot provides high-performance, everyday paw protection that excels both on and off […]


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