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My Dog Is My… Share Your Adventure

  For each of us, the relationships we have with our dogs are unique – shaped by the adventures we share. They are our trail mates. Our biking buddies. Our constant companions. How would you sum up the meaning of your canine companion in a word or phrase? What does you dog mean to you? […]


The Inspiration Behind New Ruffwear Leash & Collar Patterns for 2014

What inspires you? Our designers ask themselves this question every time they sit down to work on a new product or pattern. Recently, Ruffwear introduced a fresh new line of Hoopie™ collars and Flat Out™ leashes, made using our Tubelok™ webbing and boasting all new patterns. We asked the designer of these new patterns what […]

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What’s in a name? – The Mt. Bachelor Pad™

Continuing our exploration of product names (see “What’s in a name? – The Singletrak Pack” for the previous exploration), an occasional source of naming inspiration for us is a symbolic destination or location. Places that we daydream about while we are working, or where we can be frequently found when we are not in the […]

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Stories Shared – Looking for Swimming Holes in Southern California

We love to receive stories from people who are using our gear to enhance their adventures year-round. Here is a story from Jason Kline in Santa Barbara, CA about a recent quest to find some swimming holes in the mountains just outside of Santa Barbara. We hope you enjoy this story and share your own […]


Adopting a Potcake named Reef

When one of our Product Developers, Debbie, set out for a week-long vacation in Turks & Caicos with her husband Russ, they did not intend on returning with a rescued puppy. But, as you can probably already guess, they did. Turks & Caicos are islands that are around six hundred miles southeast of Florida. They […]


What’s in a name? – The Singletrak Pack

When you think of meetings, the word “fun” probably does not come to mind. That is, unless you are talking about product naming meetings. Twice a year, the entire Ruffwear pack gets together for one of our favorite meetings – the new product naming meeting. What makes product naming meetings fun? The whole office comes […]


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