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What Dog Coat Is Best For My Dog?

With five different dog coats to choose from, we wanted to make it easy for you to decide what coat is right for your dog, and the weather conditions you will be in. Just like the coats in our closet, Ruffwear makes different dog coats for various weather conditions and activities. Here’s a quick breakdown […]


A Skijoring Interview – Skiing With Your Dog

With snow falling across many states in the United States, our thoughts naturally turn towards getting out and playing in the fluffy powder nature is presenting to us. For many dogs, snow brings the same joy and excitement. They love to roll, eat, bounce and slide through their new belly deep playground. Although there are […]


Grizby and Bethany Complete a Thru-Hike of the Continental Divide Trail

We just received this note from Bethany Soxman and her Belgian Malinois, Grizby sharing their tale of thu-hiking the Continental Divide Trail together this past summer. The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail runs for 3,100 miles connecting Canada to Mexico along the continental divide. Help us congratulate Bethany and Grizby for what they believe is […]

Maddy with Ruffwear Coats

The art of layering

We regularly get inquiries about layering our products. Just as you would layer your personal fleece and an insulated jacket, our dog gear is designed to do the same – work together as one system in order to extend your adventures whether the conditions outside are warm, cold, wet or snowy. Here are just a […]


What Dog Coat Is Best For My Dog?

When you’re gearing up to head out for a winter adventure, one of the most important decisions you make is what coat and layering system you are going to wear. To make this decision, you typically weigh in factors like temperature, wind, precipitation (frozen or liquid) and the forecast. You dig through the closet for […]


Can Dogs Catch Colds From Humans?

As the seasons start to change, the temperatures swing up and down, and the occasional sniffle kicks in, a natural question for dog lovers everywhere is, “Can dogs catch colds from humans?” The answer: Generally, no.  Research suggests that dogs do not catch human colds (aka rhinoviruses) because their genetics are not susceptible to the […]


The Shot Behind the Shot – Behind the Scenes at Ruffwear’s Fall/Winter 2013 Photo Shoot

In preparation for this season’s Fall/Winter 2013 product release, we set out with photographer Ben Moon and company last February for a photo shoot to highlight these products in action. We thought it would be fun to share a little “behind the scenes” perspective of a Ruffwear photo shoot – where the stars are paid […]


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