What Dog Coat Is Best For My Dog?


When you’re gearing up to head out for a winter adventure, one of the most important decisions you make is what coat and layering system you are going to wear. To make this decision, you typically weigh in factors like temperature, wind, precipitation (frozen or liquid) and the forecast. You dig through the closet for fleece layers, soft shells, puffy coats and many other layers. Ruffwear has designed four different dog coats, taking all of the same weather factors into account, to make sure that your dog can enjoy inclement weather outings as comfortably as you.

Here’s a quick summary of each of our dog jackets to make your decision easier on what coat is the best for your dog, based on your future adventure plans. To make it even simpler, you will find a comparison chart of all of the coats at the bottom of this post.

Climate Changer™


As you start to layer for a cool weather adventure, one consistent go-to piece is a soft, warm fleece base layer. Ruffwear has designed the Climate Changer to be just that – a lightweight, breathable warm fleece jacket with excellent belly coverage that dries quickly.

The Climate Changer was redesigned in 2012 with two goals in mind – keeping dogs warm while reducing the impact on our environment. The polyester fleece is made of 75% recycled materials and is completely recyclable when you are ready to retire it after years of use and abuse. Topping off this simple, yet feature-rich layer is a full-length zipper providing a secure fit, integrated reflective trim for increased visibility in low light conditions and a light loop near the neck to attach The Beacon™ or any other safety light.

Shop the Climate Changer HERE.

Cloud Chaser™

CloudChaser_ForestGreen_LeftSide_ZoomWhen you are heading out for an adventure and have a hunch that the weather could turn for the worse, reach for our most technical soft shell layer – the Cloud Chaser. The Cloud Chaser is great for cold, snowy, wet and inclement weather outings.

This coat’s durable upper panel is both waterproof and windproof protecting dogs from rain, snow and frigid winds. The coated, four-way stretch lower panel material provides excellent coverage that sheds water, snow and dirt. Lining both the upper and lower panels inside the coat is a warm fleece layer that retains the dog’s core body heat to keep them warm for extended winter outings

A full-length side zipper allows for easy on/off as well as providing a snug fit, eliminating the chance of snow collecting in the underside of the jacket. To increase low-light visibility, our designers added reflective trim on both sides of the coat as well as a light loop for attaching The Beacon or any other safety light.

Shop the Cloud Chaser HERE.

The K-9 Overcoat™


Ruffwear’s classic tough, cold-weather utility jacket is the K-9 Overcoat. If you were to just have one dog coat for a variety of conditions, this would be your best option.

The abrasion- and weather-resistant outer shell is made of 100% recycled polyester while the recycled inner fleece lining provides warm, soft insulation retaining body heat. Instead of a zipper, this coat has two side-release buckles that are sheltered (hidden under the outer shell) to increase durability and prevent snagging as bushes and branches brush up against active dogs. This coat also features reflective trim and a light loop for attaching The Beacon safety light – great for low-light visibility.

Shop the K-9 Overcoat HERE.

The Quinzee™

Ruff Wear FW11We designed the The Quinzee, to be your dog’s lightweight, packable puffy coat – excellent for outings in extremely cold, crisp conditions. An integrated stuff sack means you can easily make this coat small enough to fit in a corner of your pack.

The Quinzee is filled with synthetic Thermore™ insulation. This insulating layer traps the dog’s core body heat keeping them warm in extreme cold temperatures. An added bonus, this Thermore insulation is made of 50% recycled materials. The outer shell fabric is weather, snag and abrasion resistant and contains 40% recycled materials. Like the K-9 Overcoat, the Quinzee has two side release buckles. The neck of the coat features a zippered collar for easy on and off for dogs with larger heads. Low-light visibility is made possible with reflective trim and a light loop for attaching The Beacon or other safety light.

Shop the Quinzee HERE.

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  1. Does the new line mean you used my idea?! LOL :-)

  2. this coat is amazing. Our American Staffordshire Terrier seems to love it! its warm but not TOO warm for him and it FITS well! We use this in temperatures at or below 32 degrees with a windchill and he loves it. Easy to get on & off, even when he’s excited to go out for a walk! We played ball with him this morning in this, and he can run around with no problems at all. Great quality and workmanship! Great fit and construction! Excellent for cold weather, wind and even the rain!

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  4. Ah thats interesting that the Climate and Cloud would both fit under a harness – that would mean we can still use our normal front and back clipping harness… excellent!

  5. This was incredibly helpful, thank you! I agree with everyone else’s desire for a leash clip but the Climate Changer and Cloud Chaser both look like they would fit under the webmaster harness if the harness is adjusted well enough. Will definitely be worth a try for our Winter hiking adventures this year!

    1. Hi Weena,
      You are correct, the Climate Changer and Cloud Chaser both work great under a harness.

  6. Love all the jackets! as per previous post on another blog you did though it would be GREAT to see the coats coming out with holes so that people using front and back clipping harnesses can feed the lead through. Both our dogs have front and back clipping harnesses – one for the product design team. (oh and ask them to do a harness which has a front clip as well as the back clip, they are becoming SO popular amongst all the dog trainers these days). We are just about to start stocking your products ourselves so would really love to see these designs coming through as we are confident they would be very popular here in the UK.

  7. Heath Smith · ·

    I just noticed you carry the Climate Changer in a Burnt Orange. This is an awesome coat and having it available in colors that are safe during hunting season is an added bonus. Looking forward to getting an additional one to compliment the one Alli uses to lay around the cabin and on go camping.

  8. Heath Smith · ·

    Hi Ruth, We’ve had the same problem with some of the coats not fitting in the neck area. I know on our Quinzee there is a zipper that allows you to expand the neck. This worked great for our dog and we love the coat, it’s very light, packs easily and keep the dog warm and looking sharp.

    1. Ruth Stewart · ·

      Oh awesome! Truth to tell I hadn’t even looked at that coat because every other coat I’ve looked at didn’t fit her neck! Looks like I know what might be on her Christmas list! ;)

  9. Ruth Stewart · ·

    I LOVE the quality and styles of your dog gear but unfortunately they don’t fit my dog! She is a pitbull body type dog (shallow but wide chest, thick neck) and every one of your jackets has been too tight around her neck unless I buy a size to big. SO we currently have a climate changer coat that I use as an extra layer over a different jacket for those extra chilly mornings but it’s too big for her to wear as her only coat. I know you can’t make coats that fit every type of dog but it would be awesome if the neck was open or adjustable in the front down to the point of the breastbone. Then it would fit her! We had a cloud chaser when she was younger that I ended up just cutting the front of the neck. But she eventually just outgrew that coat and I never replaced it because I don’t want to spend that kind of money on something that doesn’t fit her!


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