Road trips. Just the mention of those two words incites a little pulse of adrenaline into my veins. As long as I can remember, our family would load up the station wagon and head out on adventures, sometimes to the mountains, sometimes to the deserts, and many memorable times to the sea. As I became […]


The following story, written by our good friend Lori, is a personal one. Lori, her husband Brett, her son Scott, and their faithful canine companion Pants, set out this past summer for a southbound thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Along the way, we’ve gotten to know this thoughtful and courageous family and we are […]

Riley pictured with owner Maria Schultz in Acadia National Park, Maine. Photo by John Schultz.

Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Schultz and her dog Riley tested our new Grip Trex boots on the granite trails of Acadia National Park. For 2016, we’ve updated our Grip Trex boots with a lighter weight, more flexible construction that provides added comfort and an even more secure fit to the paw. See what Maria has to […]


If you’ve had the opportunity to go skiing with your dog, you know that there are few activities that are more fun! Dogs are possibly the only ones who get more “snowked” than we do when the white stuff falls. Depending on your experience level, your dog’s particular traits, and the type of skiing you’re […]


Katrina shares an inside look at training with her FEMA certified Search and Rescue dog, Kinsey.


In 2016, the National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday! To celebrate, the NPS will offer free admission on 16 days throughout the year. Here are the 2016 Free Admission Dates: Today! January 18th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) April 16-24 (National Park Week) August 25-28 (National Park Service’s 100th Birthday) September 24th (National Public […]

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Learn about Wasatch Backcountry Rescue Avy Dogs & Support with Hat Purchase


As the year winds down, we find ourselves reflecting on 2015 and at the same time, looking ahead to the coming year. It’s a time for gratitude, contemplation, optimism, and goal-setting. At the beginning of this week, an email thread wound its way through Ruffwear inboxes. It began with this quotation by Simon Sinek, shared […]

HaggisPentlands__MC_0035_FullRes_© Jen Crook

In January 2016, Jen Crook and her best pal, a black lab named Haggis, will set off on a 550-mile trek across Scotland, from Gretna Green on the border with England to Cape Wrath at the northern tip of the country. Jen, a film-maker, photographer, climber, and general adventurer, says the idea developed from the […]


Zoey’s getting settled into her forever home. We caught up with her forever human Ariel to see what they’ve been up to.


When you’re gearing up for a winter adventure, one of the most important decisions you make is which coat and layering system you are going to wear. To make this decision, you typically weigh factors like temperature, wind, precipitation (frozen or liquid), and the forecast. You dig through the closet for fleece layers, soft shells, […]


At Ruffwear, we not only make great dog gear, we use it every day! For the holidays, we’re sharing some of our favorite items that also make great gifts for any furry friend on your list. Andy and Bodie love the Quinzee insulated dog jacket. It’s warm, weather resistant, and easy to stuff into a […]


In memory of Doug Tompkins

Star (Silas the Sprinter)

Laura Patton, of the Silas the Sprinter duo, shares the challenges, lessons and rewards of living on the road with Star.  About a year and a half after adopting my first dog, Titan, I went to the shelter to find him a buddy. Titan had adapted perfectly to my active lifestyle. He loved coming along […]


As part of our month-long celebration of October’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we are sharing another Ruff Adventure Dog update. Kathlern, one of August’s new forever humans, took time to answer some of our questions about her recent RAD adoption experience, thanks Kathleen! Learn more about the RAD Adoption Program. HOW LONG HAS AUGUST […]

TracyChristensenandJaggerJay Dash_IMG_9764

Here at Ruffwear, we value the close relationships we have with working dog handlers, particularly the avalanche rescue professionals associated with the Wasatch Backcountry Rescue. For many years, Ruffwear’s Web Master™ Harness was the go-to dog harness for avalanche rescue teams. Through our work with the dog handlers, we gathered feedback that inspired us to […]


As part of our month-long celebration of October’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we are sharing another Ruff Adventure Dog update. Sarah, Slim’s new forever human, took time to answer some of our questions about her recent RAD adoption experience, thanks Sarah! Learn more about the RAD Adoption Program. HOW LONG HAS SLIM BEEN PART […]


Here’s an inspiring tale and photo collection from our friends Cindy and Zach Grant and their sidekick, Yoda. Pray for snow! Yoda is a Norweigan Elk Hound who lives in a snowbound, hand-built,  back-country cabin with his humans who are both professional snowboarders. Yoda is a motivated mountain dog specializing in powder frolicking. He lives for hunting […]


We hear from our customers every day with their stories of joy and hardship. Some of those stories are worth sharing beyond just our own pack. Today, we’re sharing this story from Jan T. in South Carolina with a harrowing tale of survival during the devastating floods that struck the Southeast in early October 2015. […]

me and kira

In early 2015, Ruffwear and Best Friends Animal Society teamed up to highlight the active, adventure-seeking dogs at The Sanctuary in Southern Utah that are ready to be adopted by like-minded humans.   As a way to honor and celebrate October’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we’re sharing an update from one of our Ruff […]


Have you noticed the daylight hours getting shorter and shorter? Over the next thirty days, we will lose an average of 1.7 minutes of daylight per day – pushing sunset before 7 pm (depending on where you live). The early sunset can make our post-work hikes, runs or mountain bike rides a little difficult without […]


One of the things we all love about being part of the Ruffwear pack is meeting people and dogs enjoying grand adventures. We recently caught up with our friends Mallory and Baylor and they shared their stories from the road – read on to learn more about an adventurous woman, a cool dog and an […]


As lovers of open spaces and wild places, the pack at Ruffwear is a strong supporter of efforts to preserve and protect wild, undeveloped areas. We and our dogs cherish our ability to escape the daily grind and revel in untrampled wilderness, free from cars, computers, and the confines of a fenced yard. Yesterday we […]


Joring is a loosely used term that generally describes a human being pulled by something, a dog, a horse or sometimes a motorized vehicle.  In our world, joring defines dog-pulling activities and the result is always a fun time had by all. Many dogs love to pull and giving our canine friends an outlet for […]


Ruffwear has been a proud sponsor and supporter of a majority of the avalanche rescue dog teams across the US and Canada for many years. Over the years, we have sent these working dogs Ruffwear gear, let them put the equivalent of multiple years of use and abuse on the products in a single season, […]

For anyone who has shared a tent with their dog on a cool, crisp night, we have a feeling you have probably shared your sleeping bag as well. Ruffwear has long offered dog beds perfect for camping and backpacking. Now, we are excited to introduce a complete sleeping system, including your dog’s very own sleeping […]


Hey – this is Susan and I’ve been a part of the Ruffwear Pack since 2008. My black lab, Artie joins me on the trails and rivers around Bend, Oregon, living the dream. As this season’s new products focus fairly heavily on core winter gear, I thought I would tell you about my transformation from […]


Who’s ready for some new canine adventure gear? Ruffwear is set to launch our Fall/Winter 2015 line of products – available July 31st! For this product launch, we reinforce our dedication to premium core winter and camping products so you and your canine companions can extend your winter adventures comfortably and safely. Today we give […]


Cally, Tyson and Hank of BCTreks.com recently wrapped up a road trip to Moab, UT to explore the wild canyon lands, arches and trails that Southern Utah has to offer. They learned a few things along the way about how and where they could adventure with their canine companion and were graciously willing to share […]


In our previous blog post, we reviewed our favorite pieces of gear for car camping with our canine companions. Now, let’s take a look at the gear guide to backpacking with your dog. Backpacking is unique in that the goal is to carry what you need to stay safe and relatively comfortable, and not much […]


While some hardy souls may have been camping throughout the winter, for most of us, camping season has officially just arrived. The great thing about camping is that everyone has their idea of what camping is and can enjoy it however they like – whether that is in a tent in the backyard, spending a […]


Imagine thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, or maybe the Tahoe Rim Trail. Day after day of logging high miles, setting up and tearing down camp, cooking food and navigating mile after mile of trail and wilderness. Then, imagine doing this blind. Solo. With all of your trust in your faithful companion and […]


Summer is officially here, and with it, the warm temperatures. Your dog still wants to play but is panting and not quite as enthusiastic halfway through your normal daily walk, run or ride and seeks shade like a magnet. The challenge for dogs is that they do not have the ability to really sweat across […]


Denali is the story of the relationship between photographer Ben Moon and his beloved dog, Denali. This short film is about friendship, loss and the beautiful fight for life. When Denali came into Moon’s life in November 1999, Moon was 24 years old and had just moved west to Portland, Oregon. His partner had convinced […]


With three models of dog packs, a couple of questions we frequently get are, what pack should I get for my dog? And, what are the differences between your packs? The question that we ask in return to aid in the decision making process is, “what activities will you be using this pack for with […]


5 tips from Ross Downard of Mtn Ranks and Lily on how to get back in to biking shape. It’s that time of year. The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and it’s time to dust off that mountain bike and hit the trails. There is no better way to go ride […]


Serving as the cornerstone for our new two-year partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, the Ruff Adventure Dog Adoption Program (RAD Adoption Program) connects active people with active dogs. Ruffwear customers are adventure-loving, active folks who share the belief that dogs make the best running, paddling, hiking and camping partners. Many of the adoptable dogs […]


For over twenty years, Ruffwear has been celebrating the relationships that we have with our dogs. For many of us, these relationships started at our local shelter or animal rescue organization. Today, we are thrilled to announce a new two-year partnership, including financial and in-kind product, as well as adoption promotions, with Best Friends Animal […]


The Appalachian Trail runs 2,180 miles, from Springer Mountain, GA to Katahdin, ME. Each year, up to 2,000 people attempt to “thru-hike” the entire length of the AT (hike the entire trail in one, continuous outing) – a trek that on average takes five to seven months. This year, one of those attempting to thru-hike […]

ezcoastalshoot_33 copy

We know that a large portion of the Eastern US is still in a bit of a freeze, but Spring is knocking at our door. We promise! This Sunday, most of us will adjust our clocks forward one hour in observance of daylight savings. This small act marks a significant shift in seasons, welcoming warmer […]


While out on the trail, dogs have an incredible ability to keep pushing on, no matter what. Then, when you get home, they grab their favorite toy and drop it at your feet, as if to say, “is that all you got?” But once back inside, dogs also have an incredible ability to sleep… a […]


  For each of us, the relationships we have with our dogs are unique – shaped by the adventures we share. They are our trail mates. Our biking buddies. Our constant companions. How would you sum up the meaning of your canine companion in a word or phrase? What does you dog mean to you? […]


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